Best Metal Detectors For Coins

Are you an active metal detectorist and your favorite finds are coins? If yes, take a look at his guide to learn more about the best metal detectors for coins.

In this detailed guide, we have compared the very best coin metal detectors according to their ground balancing abilities, frequency, depth capability and of course cost to break it down to the top five choices.

Best Metal Detector For Coins

  1. White’s Spectra V3i HP Metal Detector
  2. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
  3. Fisher Labs F75 Metal Detector
  4. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector
  5. Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

All of these are very well known metal detector brands, and it is absolutely understandable that they have made it to the best metal detector for coins list. Let’s break down this list more specifically to learn more about these awesome devices.

More Detailed Coin Metal Detector Reviews

In this review guide, we will highlight the very best features of the metal detector so you can decide on the best metal detector for coins on your own. The top pick is really up to you because only you can decide which is the most appropriate for you.

However, before we start on the reviews of these great metal detectors, we have to highlight something. All metal detectors will find some coins.

They are made out of metal. But, not all of the metal detectors work well with depth indication and adjustable sensitivity. These metal detectors were chosen because they are the very best metal detectors to find coins.

White’s Spectra V3i HP Metal Detector

If you are an absolute coin hunter then this is the dream machine. I have to say this is the very best metal detector for coins on the market right now. This metal detector has amazing features, great options, however, it is a bit pricier than other coin metal detectors.

If you are really serious about metal detecting, especially about coin detecting, then consider investing in a great machine like this one. There are many amazing coin metal detectors on the market, but nothing like this one for sure.

The Spectra V3i coin detector has plenty of great functions. It has an amazing LCD screen, and when we say amazing, it truly it is. This bad boy is brighter than a thousand suns, and it also has high contrast, so there is no chance of not seeing your LCD screen well in even the brightest sunshine. Good news considering there is a lot of information about your target on the screen.

Are you a person who wants to get going without setting up a million features? The Spectra has 10 different ‘turn on and go’ settings, so you can just switch to your most favorite program and get going right away. The engineers at White’s have figured out the best modes and settings so you do not have to worry about all of that.

The Spectra also has amazing discrimination capabilities. It works very well, and it has automatic settings for the go-getters, and also adjustable modes for those who want to figure out the best setting by themselves.

If you like to hunt for zinc coins you can set the iron filter to a high frequency to ignore other things. If you like to search for gold or relics then you can easily switch to that as well.

There are also three optimized frequencies to choose from. The Spectra is embedded with a 2.5 kHz frequency for silver, 7.5 kHz for general use, and 22.5 kHz for gold. It is the best to set it to the general use for coin hunting, but do not forget about ground balance as well.

As you could predict, the ground balancing is simply excellent on the Spectra. There is a ‘soil type selector‘ function which allows you to hunt on all the different types of soils from highly mineralized soils to dry areas without a problem.

This handy coin metal detector also comes with a 10″ DD search coil which is great everywhere. It reaches an excellent depth and it is pretty solid. Users say they were able to find coins and gold nuggets as deep as 12 inches, which is more than any other brand offers.

There are also wireless headphones included in the Spectra package, and they are specially engineered. If you want to know more about the best metal detector accessories, chem them out here. With the headphones, you can listen more closely to the sounds that you would do without them, as you have the chance to catch even the smallest alerts.

This is seriously a great kit, and you won’t find much better. It is a bit pricey, but you will get what you pay for.

The Spectra weighs 4.5 pounds and it can be powered up with its rechargeable battery.

This is really one of the best metal detectors for coins.


  • Lots of great features
  • 3 different frequencies
  • Great LCD screen
  • 10 pre-set modes
  • Great depth


  • It might be a bit complicated for beginner detectorists

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

The Garrett AT Pro has an 8.5 by 11-inch DD search coil which waterproof, so it can be used in all-terrain. Hence the name, AT. It is a great size to cover large areas of land more time efficiently, but still, receive alerts you on deeper coins as well. This feature makes it one of the best metal detectors for coins.

Ground balancing is super important when you are searching for those great treasures. People drop coins on the most various places, so you might search on grass, wet sand, or highly mineralized soils. The AT Pro has both manual and automatic settings, also a continuous coin depth indicator so you will know where to dig exactly.

There is a 0-99 target scale to indicate where you can expect the target to be, and coins usually fall in the middle range.

The AT Pro runs in a 15 kHz frequency, which is mid-range enough to find coins. The audio alerts are excellent, but that is a standard feature from Garrett.

The metal detector is also equipped with a high-res iron detector so you can easily filter out tinfoil and coke cans. This mode can be set from 1-40, so you can fine tune it to your preference. Quick recovery time means you will be searching more and standing around less waiting for your metal detector to re-set.

A pinpointer is an excellent extra to have with your metal detector, especially when you are searching for coins. A highly rated and much-beloved pinpointer, the Garret Carrot comes with the AT Pro. If you want to know more about the best pinpointers on the market, check this review out.  

The Garrett Carrot will simply show you where to look for your target. Coins are small so it is the best to know the exact location before you dig a hole to China.

The Garrett At Pro measures 21.3 x 14.4 x 8.7 inches and weighs only 3 pounds. It will power up with 4 AA batteries.

This metal detector has some awesome features and it is one of the best metal detectors for coins.


  • Target scale
  • Depth indicator
  • Garrett Carrot included
  • All-terrain
  • Submersible search coil
  • Great adjustable ground balancing


  • The LCD screen is hard to see in bright sun

Fisher Labs F75 Metal Detector

Fisher is a very well known brand in the metal detecting world, and many detectorist rate the F75 as a pro metal detector for coins.

The Fisher F75 has preset program modes to make your life super easy. If you like to just flick the switch on and start searching you will appreciate these modes. There are dE (default), jE (jewelry), bc (bottle cap) and PF (plowed field) modes to help you out on your journey.

There is also bp which is a booster that will give you enhanced sensitivity and deeper search function, but in this case, you have to wait a little longer for recovery time. Cl (cache locating) is for hoard hunting in a more specific mode.

The default mode works well is almost all conditions especially if you are using the automatic ground balancing. Fisher also included a highly-praised mineralization bar graph and a ‘fast grab’ ground balancing. These features make it one of the best metal detectors for coins.

There is also a 0-99 numeric target identification display, so you will always know what is around you. All these great modes make metal detecting so easy and pleasurable.

Three search modes make it even easier. You can pick between ‘all metal’ that really pick up on everything, ‘all metal static’ and ‘discrimination’.

For coin hunting, you will probably want to use the default setting with the discrimination mode. The audio modes will allocate all the various metals you have previously selected such as coins, silver, gold and anything you prefer. Users say they can find coins around 14-16 inches deep with this Fisher model.

If you choose the all-metal mode, make sure to use it with the target search function display so it will show the most likely type you will find. This way you will know when to dig and when to keep searching.

The ‘static metal mode‘ is a bit of a special function. If you are detecting for coins you will probably do not end up using this, but if you fancy looking for gold, this will definitely help you. Do not start out with this specific mode if you are a newbie, because, honestly, it is confusing.

The Fisher F75 weighs 4.7 pounds and will take 4 AA batteries to boost up.

If you are a pro hunter, this can be seriously considered as the best metal detector for coins.


  • Lots of great guidance tones
  • Large LCD screen
  • Excellent ground balancing
  • Deep depth searching


  • A bit heavy
  • Can be hard to understand the controls

Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

This is an excellent option for those who want to have a budget-friendly but pro metal detector. The Garrett ACE 300 is a very well made metal detector, but we don’t expect less from Garrett. The ACE 300 is often labeled as a beginner’s machine, but honestly, it is an amazing coin¬†hunting detector. Do not let the simplicity of this metal detector scare you away.

The Garrett ACE 300 made it to the best metal detectors for coins list, because it is amazing for coin detecting. All the features and modes are excellent for some successful metal detecting.

The ACE 300 search coil achieves good depth and measures 7 x 10 inches.

There are five modes you can choose from. The ACE 300 runs on a mid-range frequency of 8 kHz which is perfect for coins, but you will also pick up on pretty much everything and anything. However, you can switch to the relevant search mode to only find items you are interested in. Such as the coin search mode. Do you need anything else?

If you got bored of coins for a bit you can switch to no discrimination, relics, custom, and jewelry to find more goods. This makes it a very good all-round model, and for the price perhaps the best metal detector for coins and jewelry.

The Garrett ACE 300 depth indicator shows how far down you’ll need to dig down to find your target, and then there are three toned audio IDs to guide you as well.

The target ID screen has a numeric scale between 0-99 to locate your target. Iron and other low-frequency metals will fall lower on the numeric scale, precious metals such as gold will have a higher number. coins are usually around the middle. This way you will know when to dig, so you do not have a nice pile of tinfoil.

The Garrett ACE 300 weighs 2.8 pounds and measures 22 x 11 x 6 inches. It will power up with 4 AA batteries.


  • Lightweights
  • Depth indicator
  • Waterproof search coil
  • 5 easy to use search options


  • No volume control
  • A bit simple for pro detectorists

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

If you are starting out as a newbie in metal detecting and you are particularly interested in coins, this is a great metal detector. It has a nice price, and there are some excellent features. It is the best metal detector for coins if you are a beginner.

The Teknetic Delta 4000 has a large 11-inch concentric search coil which makes it a little heavy, but it definitely covers more ground at a greater depth.

This metal detector has eight different sensitivity levels, from 4 to 12, and it is best to use it on the middle ground for coin searching.

It already searches in discrimination mode which filters out iron, but it can be simply adjusted to ignore more metals if you really want to search for specific things.

It is also equipped with an on-screen target ID which will numerically show you what you have found without digging it up. This way you can save your time on bottle caps.

You will need to learn the numbers from the manuals to always be on the top of it. Some machines will also show the likely finds, but this is what you get for this price.

The depth indicator shows how far do you have to dig down. Each bar shows 2 inches, to up to 8 inches in total. The handy pinpointer then will show you the exact location. Pinpointers are usually only included on more expensive models, so this is a great added extra.

The Delta 4000 weighs only 2.3 pounds and it will power up with a 9V battery.


  • Pinpointer
  • Depth indicator
  • Target ID
  • Easy to use and to understand


  • Not always sensitive enough to find gold and silver

What Is The Best Metal Detector For Coins?

Finding the best metal detector for coins can be a bit tricky because there are so many factors you should take into consideration when purchasing the machine. Keep in mind your priorities, the functions you prefer, and of course, the budget you would prefer to spend on it

It does not matter which machine you will end up buying, all of them will detect coins. The only thing is, some machines are better than others. Specific gold metal detectors are not the best for coins, because they will pick up on different signals.

Keep in mind what makes a metal detector great for coin searching, such as the frequency it runs on, what modes are adjustable, how is the ground balancing, and of course how heavy it is.

Pinpointing is also a great feature, so if you end up getting a metal detector where a pinpointer is included, such as the Garrett Carrot, you might have an easier job than you would think.

It is also important to consider the coil size of your metal detector. There are various sizes, so try to go with something in the middle, which is more ideal for coins. Waterproof coils are also great options, as coins can be found in creeks, on the beach, and in wet grass as well.

Consider all your options, look through the best metal detectors for coins, and review all the pros and the cons. There might be a machine you really like, but it might not have all the features you need. Reviews are an excellent way to learn more about specific machines.