Best Places To Go Metal Detecting – 11 Locations You Need To Try

Treasure hunting is a lot of fun, especially if metal detecting is your hobby. Have you ever wondered what are the best places to metal detect? There are many great locations you can go and hunt, but the best places to go metal detecting might be closer than you would believe.

Of course, there are certain laws and limitations you have to take into account when you are metal detecting. There are private properties which you definitely need permission to detect on.

Public places differ from one to another, because you might be required to obtain a government permit. You do not want to get into trouble with the law when you are only doing your hobby. So what are the best places for metal detecting?

If you are an old-timer metal detectorist you are probably already aware of all the amazing places you can go and find some treasures, however, this list might even bring a couple of surprises to you. If you are a beginner, then this should be an excellent guide so you can get on cracking the best places to go metal detecting.

Have you tried all the best places already? There is always some new and exciting spot to explore, and with only a little bit of research, you can easily find some new areas. Who knows, you might find the biggest treasure of your life.

Let’s take a look at the very best places to go metal detecting for all those treasures.

1. Your Back And Front Yard

If you are a newbie in metal detecting, this is an important step. The best place for metal detecting starts at your very own yard. Here you can learn all the features, how to set the modes, and what does each sound mean.

Check out the best beginner metal detectors on the market right now. Practice your search swing for practice so you can be more time efficient. You can even try burying a few different coins and tins so you will know how different metals set off your metal detector.

back yard

Before you head out to any unknown territory, get to know your machine, and do not forget to explore your own place. There might be more treasure hidden than you think!

Most homes are built on lands which were occupied previously, so there is a great chance of finding some valuables. A yard is a place where we spend lots of time, run around, have parties, and gather with other people. Over the years coins, jewelry, and other items can sink into the ground.

Even if you have a newly built house, there is a big chance that there were houses there before. The best place where to metal detect for treasures can be right at your feet. Do not forget the old saying, ‘Where’s there are people there’s treasure’ so you can easily explore some great relics too.

2. Someone Else’s Yard

Ask your relatives and close friends if you can search their back and front yards. Maybe your uncle lost a dear old ring a while ago, and this is an excellent opportunity to help him out. Do not be shy, if they do not want you to search their yard, you can always ask someone else to sweep around their yard.

neighbours yard

You can also look around in your neighborhood. There might be some old houses with even older gardens. You can politely ask them for permission to search their gardens. Who knows, they might have been keen already to look for treasures in the garden.

Of course, when you have found a highly valuable item or any lost treasures in someone else’s property hand them the goods. If it does not belong to them they will let you keep it anyways.

3. The Beach

Oh, the beach! One of the most beloved metal detecting place of all times. The seas always bring out treasures, and every day is different at the beach. There is always a big chance of finding something amazing in the rings of water or in the wet sand. If you are new at beach metal detecting, check out the best beach metal detectors for more treasures.


As mentioned before, where a lot of people gather, is it one of the best places to use a metal detector. You are highly likely to find something on the beach because in high seasons hundreds of people visit the same location each week.

Cold fingers, careless children, and slippery sun lotion means lots of dropped coins, rings, and other valuables.

Make sure to scan the towel line and other highly frequent places where people tend to gather. Prepare for low and high tides, because they can highly affect your search.

The best places to go metal detecting on the beach are always where people are. If you find something at one spot make sure to keep on searching because you might have hit a hotspot. These areas are also the best places to metal detect for old coins.

Do not forget about permissions, you might need it for a public beach, and you most definitely need it for a private beach.

4. Parks

Parks fall into the category of the best places to use a metal detector, because around the benches and food areas you might be able to find some real treasures. the good old saying of people and treasures also comes handy in here. Parks bring a lot of people to the same location from day to day, and humans have the tendency of dropping things.


You are most likely to need a permit before you can start metal detecting and dig in a public park, but in your local library, you can gather all the necessary documents for this. You can also ask them libraries to give you a paper of locations where to metal detect without permission.

Parks are great places for treasures because there are not only dog walkers here. Concerts, sporting events, workshops, and many other events mean more dropped coins. Check out the parks’ events page to know when big events are happening, so you can head there the next day.

5. Fields

Many metal detectorists believe that one of the best places to use a metal detector is around farmers’ fields. This is simply because over the decades all the human activity has focused around trading posts, burial grounds, and training grounds.

You can do a little bit of research to learn about these places and to find out which fields are the most likely to contain historical activity. These historical areas are the best places to metal detect for old coins and relics.

You can also look at old maps to find ancient meeting points. An exciting adventure! Not to mention the plowed crop fields are excellent areas where to metal detect because the soil is already dug and raised.

Please do not forget about permission when you are entering private fields, no one like to face angry farmer men.

6. Footpaths and Forests

Footpaths used to carry a lot of traffic back in the old times, that is why it is the best place to use a metal detector. Horse riders, dog walkers, joggers, hikers have used these paths, and these people, of course, carry their belongings too. Especially in previous eras, people used fewer cars which means a great chance for finding treasures.


When you are thinking about the best places for metal detecting always try to find the areas where people move a lot, which means a lot of potential for dropped objects.

When searching on the footpath always search from edge to edge, because the grassy edges might hide more treasures than the actual footpath itself.

As always, make sure to get a permit or permission of the place before you start metal detecting. The Public Path sign might mean free access, but not free digging.

7. Churches And Churchyards

Okay, if you scare easily, this might not be the best location for you. If you are fine with churchyards, then this could be a very exciting location for you to check out. Churches and burial grounds are one of the oldest areas which mean they are the best places to go metal detecting.

church yard

Of course, we do not have to say to stay away from gravestones and respect the burial grounds. Slowly scan under old trees, around gates, and near the benches as well. These areas are not intruding, but somewhat different of the places where to metal detect usually. In these areas, you might find the best places to metal detect for old coins too. Churchyards are well known among metal detectorists that old coins and relics can be buried deep down. People probably took lots of coins to churches and often dropped a few too.

Ask the churchwarden and the priest before you begin, they can grant you permission. They might even bless your beloved metal detector for some extra good luck!

8. Deserted Or Ghost Towns

There are many deserted towns around because not every human activity is profitable. Thus that is why there are so many so-called ghost town where people packed up and left.

Old mining towns are super popular and they easily can be the best places to go metal detecting. After the gold rush was gone many mines and gold mining places were simply left behind. These are perfect sites for some exploration. Expert metal detectorists suggest scanning doors, doorways, floorboards and searching out hollow walls where the old folks might have stashed some money or gold.

ghost town

Another great place where to metal detect is a transportation town. Somewhere that was only made and suddenly popped up to serve mine workers with transportation services from and to the mining towns.

Lots of trade happened in these transportation towns, and trade means dropped coins, hidden gems, and buried treasures. People who moved around a lot because of the gold rush might have left behind some belongings. These transportation towns are truly the best places to use a metal detector and hunt these treasures. You could never know what to expect, and it makes it even more exciting.

Before you head to any of these ghost towns check out the government issues because some might be a protected area. Make sure you are entitled to be there and always stay safe.

9. Bleachers And Stadiums

Sporting events attract a lot of people who move around, sit down, run around and jump from place to place. The bleachers are the place where to metal detect for all the coins and lost jewelry. Coins and other valuables easily fall from the pockets when moving around a lot, so this could mean a big treasure hunt.


You can check out the sporting events page to see when is a big game or anything else happening, so you can go after for some exploring. These events are usually very popular among metal detectorists, so prepare yourself for a little bit of crowd. Get there as soon as you can because you are not the only person who knows this is one of the best places to go metal detecting.

10. Battle Sites

When you are researching sites you can actually metal detect on, you will probably come across plenty of great historical sites too. After finding these historical sites they will point you towards areas where battles were fought in the past few centuries. You can easily find battle locations, campsites, gathering points and much more from a few simple pieces of research. These locations can be simply the best places for metal detecting.

battle sites us

There were thousands of battles between the last centuries and you might live much closer to a battlefield than you would think. At these sites, you can find some really interesting objects such as muskets and pistol balls, arrowheads, bayonets, uniform buttons, tags, flasks, coins and much more. This could be a goldmine of where to metal detect.

There could be also lost jewelry, metal everyday objects like cutleries and cans, or this could be one of those best places to metal detect for old coins. This is the beauty of metal detecting; you could never know what can you come across.

There are probably government regulations and codes of historical sites, and the government wants you to report finds. If you end up finding any treasures on battlefields or old campsites make a note of the location and the finds and inform your local archaeologists. You might have found a well-hidden place! Over the centuries loss of historical evidence was a problem, so make sure to inform the right person.

11. Check Out Forums

We live in the 21st century which means almost every single person uses the Internet on a daily basis. There are dozens of amazing metal detecting forums where you can check out what have people found, where did they find, and what accessories they used to find these treasures.

If you are a newbie you can ask questions from the more experienced metal detectorists, like what are the best places to metal detect? and what are the best places to metal detect for old coins or whatever you are most interested in. You know, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

There are also local metal detecting clubs you can join where everyone can give advice to others, discuss which places need permits, where to get permits and much more. Tips and tricks can make each other’s life easy.

From other members, you can also learn more about the very best metal detectors, what accessories to use, and where to metal detect.


Metal detecting is an amazing hobby because there is always something new to discover and new places to explore. Hopefully, this guide gave you some new ideas of where to metal detect. If you already know where to go next, just gather all your necessary documents and you are good to go. When you are exploring new areas and it seems to be a hotspot for goods, take notes of the areas, what have you found and at what depth. It might be a piece of very useful information for someone else too. 

However, before you keep all your new finds make sure to familiarize yourself with a few things.

What Is Classed As Treasure?

Now, we are talking a real treasure, not a gold wedding ring you have just found in the park.

When you have hit the jackpot, closely examine your objects and figure out if they are actually treasures. The Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Club promotes a Code of Ethics. The first and most important code is:

“I will always check federal, state, county and local laws before searching. It is my responsibility to ‘know the law’. ” Try to stick to this, so you will always know what is the right thing to do. It also stands a bit on common sense, as if you find some gold nuggets, keep them. However, if you find some super old gold plates which looks like it could be 500 years old, it is probably a good idea to inform someone.

If you are all ready to go, then to do hesitate to pack up your bad boy metal detector and head to the best places for metal detecting.