How Does A Metal Detector Work

How Does A Metal Detector Work

Finding treasure is very exciting, because who does not love finding valuable items? You probably love your metal detecting hobby and finding some great items, but have you ever wondered how does a metal detector work? Millions of people around the world enjoy metal detecting and the great moments of uncovering treasures. metal detectors use … Read more

Greatest Metal Detector Finds Of All Time

Greatest Metal Detector Finds Of All Time

Over the past decades, there were some amazing metal detector finds. The most common questions are ‘Can metal detectors find gold jewelry?’ and ‘Can a metal detector find gold nuggets?’. The answer is simply yes. Metal detectors have the ability to find various metal objects, including gold, silver, jewelry, relics, coins, and much more. Let’s … Read more

Beach Metal Detecting Guide

Beach Metal Detecting

Beach metal detecting is a great activity because you will soak up the sun, recharge and have a good. If you head to the beach on a colder day, at least you can expect fewer people, and the fresh air is excellent for your health. You might even find items which have been buried for … Read more

Metal Detector Accessories For Treasure Hunting

metal detector accessories

Once you have gotten the hang of metal detecting and you have your first few great finds, it is hard to stop looking for gold everywhere and anywhere. However, not just a metal detector can be a great device to have on hand. With a few extras, you can make your hunting adventures more time … Read more

How To Use A Metal Detector?

How To Use A Metal Detector

Are you interested in buying a metal detector, or you simply interested how does this magnificent machine work? Maybe you already have a metal detector, but you are not sure how to use it perfectly? This quick guide should help you out! How to use a metal detector? Despite their complicated and futuristic looks, it … Read more

How To Choose A Kids Metal Detector

kids metal detector

You are probably wondering how to choose the best metal detector for kids when there are so many different types on the market. Kids, especially the smaller ones do not care about all the extra techs and the many different adjustable modes that some kids metal detectors have. Well, if it has many buttons, they … Read more

How to Choose an Underwater Metal Detector

Best underwater metal detector

How to choose an underwater metal detector Hunting beneath the water for great treasures and valuables is pretty exciting, but you would need a great underwater metal detector for this. To make your decision making on finding the best underwater metal detector, consider the following bits of advice. To start your decision making, consider where, … Read more

How to Choose The Best Metal Detector For Gold

best metal detector for gold

How to choose the best metal detector for gold There are dozens of great gold metal detectors on the market, so you might find multiple metal detectors suitable for your needs. The top choice is often determined by your own personal preference and the costs but at the same time, it is good to read … Read more