Best Metal Detectors For Coins

Best Metal Detectors For Coins

Are you an active metal detectorist and your favorite finds are coins? If yes, take a look at his guide to learn more about the best metal detectors for coins. In this detailed guide, we have compared the very best coin metal detectors according to their ground balancing abilities, frequency, depth capability and of course … Read more

Best Kids Metal Detector

kids metal detector

Are you a looking for the best kids metal detector? If you are a metal detectorist and want to involve the little one in the fun, there are some amazing metal detector kids sizes available. Do not let the size fool you, the junior metal detector machines should be as great as the adult ones. … Read more

Best Beach Metal Detectors

best beach metal detectors

Metal detecting is a popular and great hobby because with a little bit of investment you can find amazing treasures and highly valuable metals. These are  the best beach metal detectors out there on the market, but keep in mind where and how will be using your beach metal detector. Of course, a great waterproof … Read more

Best Underwater Metal Detectors

Best underwater metal detector

A submersible metal detector is not the most common type of detecting machine, and these are being used in very specific locations and times. If you are looking for the best underwater metal detector, you are at the right place. There are many different types of metal detectors, and it all comes down to your … Read more

Best Metal Detector For Gold

best metal detector for gold

Many great metal detectors are available, but not all of them are great – even exceptional – for gold nugget prospecting. Many things can interfere with searching, so you have to consider multiple factors when looking for the best metal detector for gold. Finding gold takes a lot of time, so why not find a … Read more

Best Metal Detector For Beginners

best metal detector for beginners

 There are many different types of metal detectors and it can be a tough choice to choose the best metal detector for beginners. A lot of different factors play an important role in the decision, such as size, weight, accuracy, price and detecting ability. Let’s break down the top choices of best beginner metal detector … Read more