How to Choose The Best Metal Detector For Gold

How to choose the best metal detector for gold

There are dozens of great gold metal detectors on the market, so you might find multiple metal detectors suitable for your needs. The top choice is often determined by your own personal preference and the costs but at the same time, it is good to read reviews because they can help with the process. You can check out a well-detailed review on the best metal detector for gold here. The top choices are based on excellent reviews and on brands which are most used by advanced metal detector users.

Just to make everything clear, you do not need a specific gold detector to find gold. All of the metal detectors are capable of picking up gold signals. Some metal detectors even distinguish between high and low pitch noises, and gold has a very high pitch tone, thus you will know when to dig. However, metal detectors which are specifically made for gold detecting are more precise and they will help you with multiple features to find gold. These machines also help to locate smaller, even tiny pieces which are buried deep down.

Gold metal detectors are usually pricier than the regular metal detectors, but you can pick between many different types to find the best metal detector for gold. They are pricier because they do the job much better than the regular detectors. The Fisher Gold Bug Prois an excellent gold detector on the market. 

Make sure to look for features which will help you, like continuous audio feedback, junk filter technology, and automatic ground balancing. Also consider where will you be using it the most, such as at the beach or in dry areas. It is probably a great idea to consider a waterproof gold detector.

How does the technology work for finding gold

To find gold you actually have to go to a location which is great for finding gold. Not every soil type and the geological site is great for gold prospecting, no matter what type of gold metal detector do you have.

Make sure to research fields and go to sites which are high in soil mineralization, especially go to places with Black Soil. Do not forget about waters, as many nuggets and jewelry can find in rivers, lakes and shallow waters.

Metal detectors work through conductivity. They push electromagnetic fields into the soil or the ground from the coil in return receive an electromagnetic field. Then, the detector informs you via audio tones.

Operating Frequency

Metal detectors work on kHz frequency, and there are many different numbers your detector can work on. The higher the frequency, the more likely you will find gold. This is why pricer models have higher kHz capacity.

Ground Mineralization

A highly mineralized soil can interfere with the metal detector, but the best metal detectors for finding gold tell the difference between mineralization and actual metals. This way you only need to dig down when you actually found something.

Ground Contamination

Since the ground is full of various things, not just trash, it is a bit hard to tell the difference between junk metal and actual precious metal. With a good metal detector, you do not have to pick out coke cans, nails, and weirdly tangled things, because the gold detector will sort these out.

Going for Gold

If you are really serious about finding gold, then you truly have to consider a gold detector which has great settings and modes.

They are costly, yes, but try to get the best metal detector for gold you can afford. Set your preferences and consider all the pros and the cons. Cheaper models have less sensitivity, but it does not mean they are not effective, especially if you are a beginner. Here is a list of the best metal detectors for beginners.

Try to research for places which are great for finding gold, and your investment will pay for itself soon enough. After you have your metal detector, you do not have to pay for anything else. All your research and required permission can be done online or in a public library.


Try to consider all factors and choose the best metal detector for gold. You do not have to spend more money than you have, there are great models to consider. Keep in mind where and how will you use it, and choose accordingly.