How To Choose A Kids Metal Detector

You are probably wondering how to choose the best metal detector for kids when there are so many different types on the market. Kids, especially the smaller ones do not care about all the extra techs and the many different adjustable modes that some kids metal detectors have. Well, if it has many buttons, they will probably just end up pushing them at random times.

How to choose a kids metal detector

There are many great junior metal detector machines out there, you just have to prioritize all the factors. The best advice is, to choose one which is simple, but looks cool. This will automatically grab the child’s attention, and you do not have to worry about the 50 different settings.

As a parent, it is up to you to find the very best metal detector for kids, because if you allow your little one to choose, it probably will end up being the most expensive one on the market.

What factors you need to consider

So let’s break it down what to focus on while shopping for some junior metal detector machines. The most important thing to consider when buying a metal detector is, when and where will you use it. Do you live in the middle of the country where the is no lake, no ocean, just sand, and grass? Do not bother with a waterproof metal detector. Or, you and your family go to the beach and the lakes all the time and you want your kid to have fun on wet surfaces? Then definitely choose either submersible or waterproof metal detector, so this way you do not have to worry about an accident.

If you know which type to choose, then it is already a step easier. Waterproof models are more recommended, but it is entirely up to you. The National Geographic PRO Series Kids Metal Detectoris a great choice, it knows a lot, has great features, and can be used in multiple areas.

Where to go searching

Many great places can be found for metal detecting. However, it is best to learn all the functions first, so head to the local park or parking lot and search around the benches where it is super easy to find coins, some jewelry, and keys. The beach and rivers are also great places for searching, especially after the high season.

Learn the settings

Make sure to learn all the settings on the metal detector, so both of you will know exactly how to use it. Bury a few items in the backyard at various depths and see how does the machine react. If you do not tell your child that you buried something, it also will be a great surprise for them.


Whichever kids metal detector machine you will end up buying, it will be a great investment because the kids will have fun. Hopefully, this guide gives you a little bit of help on how to choose. If you are interested in the best kids metal detectors, check out this detailed list.