How to Choose an Underwater Metal Detector

How to choose an underwater metal detector

Hunting beneath the water for great treasures and valuables is pretty exciting, but you would need a great underwater metal detector for this. To make your decision making on finding the best underwater metal detector, consider the following bits of advice.

To start your decision making, consider where, how and when will you be using the waterproof metal detector. The best time to do some underwater hunting is summertime, when most tourists leave, leaving behind their valuables as well.

Water conditions

Will you be using your machine in fresh or saltwater? If you are more likely to go into salt water, get a metal detector which handles high saltwater mineralization well. The Fisher Pulse 8X Wet Underwater Metal Detector is a great option.

(PI) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) metal detectors, as they differ a lot in settings and in usage. PI machines work better in saltwater, however, VLF underwater metal detectors work better with discrimination. This means, if you do not get a metal detector which discriminates well, you will pick up on all sort of signals, like iron, trash, cans and more.

Also make sure to check out all the specifications of each machine, because some advertised waterproof metal detectors are not entirely waterproof. The search coil is submersible, however, the control box is not. If you would be submerging the whole machine, get something that will handle water well.

What is included

When buying your underwater metal detector, consider the items you will be getting for the price. There are many accessories you can get after you have purchased your machine, but they can be pricey. Think about the little more expensive packages, but they most likely worth the money. Some metal detector packages include waterproof headphones, chest harness, and digging tools as well. These come very handily and they are excellent accessories to have.

A few more things to consider when you are choosing your underwater metal detector is the price and the durability. Know your surroundings. If you are going into salt water, research what type of soil, rocks, and corals you might be working with. Some underwater metal detectors are great because they will search beneath these hard and solid surfaces, however, some of them are not capable of this function.

If you want to use your metal detector on both land and in water, consider a waterproof, but not a submersible metal detector. A great option is the Garrett AT PRO with Underwater Pinpointer which works well in both water and on land.  


When looking for the best underwater metal detector, keep your priorities in mind. Consider the conditions you will be using your machine, also, having only one metal detector for both land and water is a great idea. Try to choose the best option accordingly to your budget. Do not overspend, because you should not have to invest more than you have. This is a great guide on the best underwater metal detectors to make your decision making easier.