How to Choose The Best Beach Metal Detectors

If you are thinking about getting a beach metal detecting machine, but you are not sure what to look for, hopefully, this will give a little bit of guidance. There are many great and well-equipped beach metal detectors on the market, but if you plan on playing around the water, it is probably a great idea to invest in one of the best beach metal detectors.

The best beach metal detectors offer multiple ways of usage to metal detectorists, so no wonder they are so popular. Choosing the correct beach metal detector allows you to search in wet and dry sand, on land, in shallow waters, deep ends, saltwater, and fresh water.

The most important factors to keep in mind


Yes, these beach metal detecting machines are a bit more expensive, but this way your device won’t beep at every single sand grain due to high mineralization.

Pulse Induction

Pulse induction is a special feature and it is only included in the very best metal detectors for the beach. The Sand Shark is an excellent option to consider. If you want to learn more about the top beach metal detectors, check out this guide.

Pulse induction gets into great depth and deals with high mineralization. Pulse induction is also excellent for gold hunting.

What type of beach metal detector to choose?

Plenty of options, but the real deal is with the type. Water resistant, waterproof, or submersible? It all depends on your preference and where will you be using your metal detector. if you plan on going into the water or around the towel line, it is the best to choose a waterproof metal detector for beach usage, or a submersible metal detector which will not keep you hanging. You can jump into the water or search in the shallow waters, all up to you.

The depth you will be searching is also important to keep in mind. Most beach metal detecting machines are waterproof up to 10 feet, so if you are a scuba diver, definitely go for a different machine. Here you can check out the best underwater metal detectors.

The importance of coil size

There are many different sizes of coils, so if you will be using it in the water most of the time, try to choose a smaller search coil size.

Small Coils

Smaller coils are better at pinpointing, which is a great thing while trying to keep up with the flowing water. Smaller coils are also better with discriminating.

Large Coils

Of course, large coils cover more surfaces, so they are more time efficient, however, since they are bigger, they are also heavier, which you have to keep in mind while underwater.

Do not forget about all the underwater accessories you might need. Some great beach metal detecting packages include scoops and waterproof headphones, so always consider what are you getting for that price.


Choosing the right beach metal detecting machine is an important decision, so do not rush it. Check out all your top choices, consider what is included in the package, and what ways you can use it. Do not invest in a super fancy, overpriced machine if its only usable in the water or only the search coil is waterproof. Many great options are out there, so invest your money into the best beach metal detector.