How To Use A Metal Detector?

Are you interested in buying a metal detector, or you simply interested how does this magnificent machine work? Maybe you already have a metal detector, but you are not sure how to use it perfectly?

This quick guide should help you out!

How to use a metal detector?

Despite their complicated and futuristic looks, it is less complicated than you would think so. The proper way of how to use a metal detector is pretty simple if you follow the few basic rules.

Before you turn on your hand held metal detector and run away searching, make sure to familiarize yourself with your own machine. There are dozens of machines on the market, and the best way to learn is by using.

If you are detecting on a property which is not yours or not public, make sure to have permission to use your portable metal detectors. What if you find something valuable and the landowners’ claim it since you had no permission or agreement.

Most detectorists want to find gold, because, let’s be honest, they are highly valuable. For this purpose, you might want to find a great gold metal detector. The Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector┬áis an excellent choice for this.

The most important step on how to use your metal detector is to practice your sweeping technique. While this might sound a bit lunatic, you have to trust us on this one. Hand held metal detectors can cover large spaces in no time, but you have to use them correctly.

If you do not have the correct technique or wondering how to use a metal detector more effectively, keep this in your mind: low and slow.

It shouldn’t touch the ground at all, but it should be kept close enough to pick up all the signals. Practice before you head out with your portable metal detectors and check out how do machine react to different metals.

Try to go slow and in one direction only. Make sure to overlap the swipes slightly so there will be no chance of missing out on some good finds. keep the hand held metal detector search coil parallel to the ground and listen close enough to hear the smallest signals too.

If you pick up on any signals, try to limit your area to locate the target. Once you have successfully pinpointed the spot, clear the surface as much as you can and check again. As soon as you get a clear signal, dig for your treasure. Do not forget to check the soil you have dug up because the target could be in it.

Once you have found your target make sure to check with your hand held metal detector once again to see if there is anything left.

With these easy tips, you can learn how to use a metal detector better. If you are a beginner detectorist, check out this guide on the best beginner metal detectors.