Metal Detector Accessories For Treasure Hunting

Once you have gotten the hang of metal detecting and you have your first few great finds, it is hard to stop looking for gold everywhere and anywhere. However, not just a metal detector can be a great device to have on hand. With a few extras, you can make your hunting adventures more time efficient and fun.

Let’s take a look at a few accessories which are really helpful. Here are the top ten accessories you might want to get to have an excellent metal detecting adventure.

1. Electronic pinpointer

A pinpointer is a superb accessory to invest in, as it will make your life much easier. Most of these handy little tools are waterproof, some even up to 200 feet, so if you like to snorkel or scuba dive, it is a great idea to invest in a device. If you are interested in the best pinpointer detectors on the market check them out here.

pinpoint metal detector

When your metal detector found a target, you can push the pinpointer into the soil to figure out where is the target exactly. There are audio and vibrate modes for your convenience, and these will increase as you are getting closer to your target. Pinpointers also have flashlights built in for more easier use.

2. Headphones

Did you know that using headphones can save the battery life of your metal detector? Because you do not use the built-in speakers you actually save a lot of energy, and you can also have a bit more privacy when your metal detector does not pink loud and proud.

metal detector headphones

Also, when you are searching with headphones you have a better chance to hear that very quiet ding you might miss with just the regular speakers. Headphones also block out unnecessary background noises. Headphones are one of the most important metal detector accessories.

3. Sand Scoop

If you want to have a great metal detector accessory, make sure to grab a sand scoop. If you like to search on the beach, this is a must-have.

sand scoop

When you have detected a target simply scoop the sand to get closer to your treasure.

4. Bag To Carry Your Detector

This might sound like a strange thing to include, but it is a great thing to have on hand. This way when you are finished with your metal detector, you can simply gather all your metal detector accessories at one place, so no way of misplacing anything.

metal detector bag


You can choose one with multiple small pockets to keep everything nice and tidy.

5. Gold Pan Kit

If you are searching near water, especially for gold, these kinds of metal detector accessories are very helpful.

Gold Pan Kit

Once your metal detector or pinpoint detector have found a target you can use your gold pan to sift through rocks, dirt, and sand to find your treasure. This way you can also get gold flakes out of the ground.

6. Gold Bottle Sniffer

Similar to gold pan kits, the gold bottle snifters also help with the search process.

Gold Bottle Sniffer

Once you have successfully found gold in your pans you can use the snifter to suck the gold up from the pan. So much easier than using your fingers.

7. Digger or Trowel

If your treasure is only a few inches deep, a small trowel is a perfect metal detector accessory to have on hand.

This way if you have to dig into something harder you do not have to use your bare hands. Even in soft soil or sand, a small trowel will make the process way quicker.

8. Shovel

Sometimes your metal detector will pick up on a deeper target like buried down coins or relics. In this case, it is good to have a shovel so you can get down to your target as fast as possible.

metal detecting shovels

There are designated metal detecting shovels, but a good old garden shovel is also an excellent choice to bring along.

9. Pouch

As mentioned before it is great to have a bag for your metal detector accessories, but you will also need something to put all your treasures in.

metal detecting pouch

Your pocket is not the safest place to hide your finds, so make sure to carry something to put them in. You can also put a few Ziploc bags in your pouch for tiny objects.

10. Rechargeable Batteries

Yes, batteries are not really metal detector accessories, but they come in handy for sure. Just imagine when you are inches close to your big treasure and your metal detector gives up.

Rechargeable Batteries

You will definitely go through many batteries, so it is a great idea to invest in some rechargeable batteries for your own convenience.

Getting into metal detecting is a lot of fun, and if you are new to this hobby definitely check out the best beginner metal detectors here. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the different feature and consider to invest in some metal detector accessories.